Saturday, 4 April 2015

Short Hair style for men

Short Hair Style ( latest hair style 2015)

The hair style is too much important for  personality . you will be note this point in movies the actor in movie change hair style because the hair style show your personality that’s why hero change the hair style according the movies story. In 2015 the modern fashion trend of hair style is short hair style for men which is too much good for men easily manage . Most celebrity and sports mans use short hairstyle. E.g dale steyn  south African cricket team fast bowler.

Short HairStyle for men

How to Style:

  1. Put the dry hair on top to one side.
  2. Once the hair become dry now your choice how would you like to put the hair.
  3. You can use the hair spray to hold on all the day.
  4. The hair style depend  on face shape and height of the man but mostly the short hairstyle is specially for long height.

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