Saturday, 21 March 2015

Facial trends 2015

Facial treatment at Home:
Facial treatment

Different people have different skin. Some people have dry , oily , sensitive  and some also have combination skin. Maximum people are Busy in our daily life, and they  can,t care our skin and that’s why their  skin were damage after damaging  they  go in expensive beauticians to  rejuvenate their skin and maintain its freshness.

Facial types for Different skin:
ACNE Facial

Herbal Facial procedure:

Sunlight and pollution make the skin color damage and skin natural beauty and freshness are finished with time. and in that time facial is very important for skin. 

  1.                    Cleansing cream: 2 eggs yolk and 125 kg honey mix in a bowl. and in another bowl 4/1 almond  oil and chopped almond  mixed. And now the mixture are added in one bowl and also mix one teaspoon baking soda. And use that mixture in one month. Its very easy and effective for all type of skin.
  2. Some people have dry skin  they  use  after that mixture massage olive oil in your face and then clean with tissue or soft cloth.
  3.        Face scrub : 2 type of dal are chopped and mix in milk ,yogurt or honey and then massage in your arm and face and after 2 minutes wash with normal water.
  4. Now big bowl of water keep in a heater. when they boil then mix ½ teaspoon lemon juice, 4 to 5 mint leaf and 4 to 5 flower leaf. When they boil closed the heat. And your hair cover with towel and now heat up your face 5 to 8 minute then face clean with tissue.
  5. Now 2 teaspoon honey and 2 teaspoon milk mix in a bowl and apply in your face and after 15 minutes  wash from normal water and that’s your skin healthy , youthful  and fresh.

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