Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ford Focus RS 2015

2015 Ford Focus RS
As we know that the competition of companies of vehicle in car industries continues to produce the unique vehicle from the others companies and provide the best vehicle for customers. In the present era the most companies of vehicle great focus the on the shape and technology and power engine. Mean less consumption and more power engine people mostly like. If you want to buy vehicle which have unique and attractive style shape and less consumption of oil and more power engine then you must select the Ford company vehicle  because the Ford Company specially focus on this features.
Now  a days Ford company introduce the new coming model vehicle at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. In this Motor show all companies of vehicle show different new coming model vehicle but Ford Focus RS get the attention of all coming people that is the Ford company success. Ford Company also receive the very positive response from people in Detroit Motor Show. The special features of Ford Focus RS is all wheel driven.
Ford Focus RS

 Features of Ford Focus RS:

315 horse power which is very great as compare with other company vehicle.
 2.3 liter eco boost engine giving 316bhp.
The best feature of Ford Focus RS is drivetrain which all four wheel driven. Drivetrain have support vectoring control.
19-inch wheel size
LED lights very good work in fog
Sports seats in front
Drift Button
Shape is sports style
6 –speed transmission
Enhanced brakes system
Advance technology

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