Saturday, 2 May 2015

Platinum Ring new fashion Trend

Platinum Ring new fashion trend (2015 latest fashion)

In 2015 the platinum ring fashion trend is increasing most people like this new modern fashion trend. This Ring specially used in engagement .  platinum ring are using both people men and women also but the platinum mostly used and like men for engagement . Gold fashion trend become old you people know  fashion trends comes day by day. Now days people like platinum as compared with gold specially in Europe and USA and CANADA etc….
Platinum Engagement Ring

Engagement Platinum Ring

New platinum ring for engagement 2015 new design in this year . White metal are new modern fashion trend of 2015.  Gold are also metal but that is yellow metal and platinum is white metal.  Once time will come people give reference white metal as compared with gold. And remember  that all white metal are not same . Every white metal have different  properties. And get the platinum ring experience for engagement most unique and new fashion trend.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Russian Salad

Russian Salad:

Russian salad is used in all over the world specially in European countries and Russia , Georgia , Turkey ,France , Spain ,Iran , and its very popular in south America mean Argentina , Brazil , and Colombia most of people like it.
Russian Salad

Russian salad


· Chicken cubes 1 bowl ( Boiled with salt water)

· Potato 2 (boiled with salt water)

· Capsicum 2

· Apple 2

· Peas 1 bowl (boiled with salt water)

· Cabbage 1 in small size

· Carrot 3 medium size

· Onion 1

· Salt and black paper 1 tea spoon

· Sugar 1 tea spoon

· Fresh cream ½ cup

· Mayonnaise 1 cup

· Eggs 3 (boiled)

· Macaroni 1 cup (boiled with salt water)

Note: How to make mayonnaise at home:
Take 2 eggs without yolks mustard powder , vinegar or lemon juice , sugar ½ tea spoon, oil 1 cup, and salt ¼ tea spoon. Combine all these ingredients without oil in the blinder and blind it and time by time mix oil. When the mixture look like thick then it almost done.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Short Hair style for men

Short Hair Style ( latest hair style 2015)

The hair style is too much important for  personality . you will be note this point in movies the actor in movie change hair style because the hair style show your personality that’s why hero change the hair style according the movies story. In 2015 the modern fashion trend of hair style is short hair style for men which is too much good for men easily manage . Most celebrity and sports mans use short hairstyle. E.g dale steyn  south African cricket team fast bowler.

Short HairStyle for men

How to Style:

  1. Put the dry hair on top to one side.
  2. Once the hair become dry now your choice how would you like to put the hair.
  3. You can use the hair spray to hold on all the day.
  4. The hair style depend  on face shape and height of the man but mostly the short hairstyle is specially for long height.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy S6 Edge
Customers  your wait for Samsung Galaxy S6  is over now the Galaxy S6 edge will available in market. In android smart phone the Samsung smart phone is top in all over  the world. Mostly people like the android smart phone because it is cheaper then Iphone  smart phone. Mostly developer also like the android smart phone because the android is very common and free of cast available for developing and mostly the android are free of cast available for downloading. The Samsung is the top 1st company  in smart phone to successfully implement the android OS in phones.  Samsung have successfully launch different series for example Galaxy S series , Galaxy Grand , Galaxy Note. After Galaxy Note 4 successfully  cover the all market of android smart phone and receive the very great response feedback from customers. Samsung is ready to launched the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge. The  very Unique and features in Galaxy S6 edge.

Features List of Galaxy S6 edge

  1. The most important features is wireless charging.
  2. Very fast charging . if you charge the smart phone 10 min you can get 4 hours battery backup.
  3. 1st time dual edge display smart phone comes to market.
  4. Android version is Lollipop and 64 bit OS.
  5. Processor is octa core.
  6. Fantastic display 5.1 Quad HD (2560 * 1440).
  7. Smart Manager is new feature  storage, battery Status, Ram,  Security and more also used  to remove unnecessary data  to improve the performance.
  8. Great radiant  glass surface.
  9. Very advance fonts.
  10. High resolution Camera use to save important moments of life.
  11. Dazzling colors.
Galaxy S6 Edge

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ford Focus RS 2015

2015 Ford Focus RS
As we know that the competition of companies of vehicle in car industries continues to produce the unique vehicle from the others companies and provide the best vehicle for customers. In the present era the most companies of vehicle great focus the on the shape and technology and power engine. Mean less consumption and more power engine people mostly like. If you want to buy vehicle which have unique and attractive style shape and less consumption of oil and more power engine then you must select the Ford company vehicle  because the Ford Company specially focus on this features.
Now  a days Ford company introduce the new coming model vehicle at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. In this Motor show all companies of vehicle show different new coming model vehicle but Ford Focus RS get the attention of all coming people that is the Ford company success. Ford Company also receive the very positive response from people in Detroit Motor Show. The special features of Ford Focus RS is all wheel driven.
Ford Focus RS

 Features of Ford Focus RS:

315 horse power which is very great as compare with other company vehicle.
 2.3 liter eco boost engine giving 316bhp.
The best feature of Ford Focus RS is drivetrain which all four wheel driven. Drivetrain have support vectoring control.
19-inch wheel size
LED lights very good work in fog
Sports seats in front
Drift Button
Shape is sports style
6 –speed transmission
Enhanced brakes system
Advance technology

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Facial trends 2015

Facial treatment at Home:
Facial treatment

Different people have different skin. Some people have dry , oily , sensitive  and some also have combination skin. Maximum people are Busy in our daily life, and they  can,t care our skin and that’s why their  skin were damage after damaging  they  go in expensive beauticians to  rejuvenate their skin and maintain its freshness.

Facial types for Different skin:
ACNE Facial

Herbal Facial procedure:

Sunlight and pollution make the skin color damage and skin natural beauty and freshness are finished with time. and in that time facial is very important for skin. 

  1.                    Cleansing cream: 2 eggs yolk and 125 kg honey mix in a bowl. and in another bowl 4/1 almond  oil and chopped almond  mixed. And now the mixture are added in one bowl and also mix one teaspoon baking soda. And use that mixture in one month. Its very easy and effective for all type of skin.
  2. Some people have dry skin  they  use  after that mixture massage olive oil in your face and then clean with tissue or soft cloth.
  3.        Face scrub : 2 type of dal are chopped and mix in milk ,yogurt or honey and then massage in your arm and face and after 2 minutes wash with normal water.
  4. Now big bowl of water keep in a heater. when they boil then mix ½ teaspoon lemon juice, 4 to 5 mint leaf and 4 to 5 flower leaf. When they boil closed the heat. And your hair cover with towel and now heat up your face 5 to 8 minute then face clean with tissue.
  5. Now 2 teaspoon honey and 2 teaspoon milk mix in a bowl and apply in your face and after 15 minutes  wash from normal water and that’s your skin healthy , youthful  and fresh.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Lexus IS 250 2015 ( latest sport car 2015)

Lexus IS 250 new model 2015

The competition of different companies of vehicles are already started but every company want to beat the competitor through company product. Before 5 years company of vehicle hundred percent concentrate on vehicle design and think how make the car more comfortable  but in 2015 the companies fifty percent concentrate on technology. Customers in present era like the car with high and advance technology  that’s why  Lexus IS 250 2015 has design with latest technology.
Lexus IS 250 2015

Features Review of Lexus IS 250 2015:

  • Remote mobile App. Mean Lexus IS is totally control from Mobile app. Start the car from app and lock and open the door, fuel  status.
  • Performance Driving Mode . Before start the car 1st select the mode which give you performance according to mode. From mode select enable the car more responsive and best.
  • Change the car temperature inside through finger touch system.
  • Stimulate senses
  • 17 inch wheel
  • LED Light specially for fog resistance
  • Amazing mirror
  • Voice Command control
  • Siri Eyes compatible with iphone from which you can check email and access itunes.
  • Digital Audio system.
  • Bluetooth microphones.
  • 2.5 liter V6
  • 250 horse power.
  • 185 pound feet of torque.
  • Fuel economy 24 mpg.
  • High safety  anti lock disk brakes, front, side, rear seat air bag  .
  • Update the review camera
  • Lexus IS 2015 star rate is five.
  • Super fantastic interior.
Lexus IS