Sunday, 15 March 2015

iphone7 (Technology Trends )

Iphone7 Feature (Technology Trends) 

As we know  technology trends does not stop because when innovation don’t  come then people and customer become bore  from technology  that’s  why every company like Samsung and apple in competition to cover the all market. And market depends on innovative products. As Samsung reach to galaxy s6 and apple iphone6 . Now Apple is ready to produce the iphone7 . It has too much innovative feature because apple wants to beat the competitor.  Apple want to cover the market from iphone7 especially  the market of America and United Kingdom and asia , because in this market  customer like IOS as compare with android. Apple successfully  deliver  iphone6 to market  and claim from customer about iphone 6 is too much less . Now apple is Ready to introduce Iphone7 to technology world. Remember iphone7 will be many version.

Features of Iphone 7: 

  • Model will be smaller than and thin than previous models.
  • Iphone 7 with apple smart watch.
  • Colors , iphone 7 will be available mainly in two colors. Black gray, golden.
  • Mostly soft and sensitive touch.
  • Amazing feature is water proof. This feature full the requirement of sportsman. Specially swimmer.
  • Intel chip and intel LTE modem from intel corporation which provide high rang to access wireless network.
  • Dual lens in camera to take most hd picture.
  • Resolution will be 4k and quad hd.


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