Friday, 3 April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy S6 Edge
Customers  your wait for Samsung Galaxy S6  is over now the Galaxy S6 edge will available in market. In android smart phone the Samsung smart phone is top in all over  the world. Mostly people like the android smart phone because it is cheaper then Iphone  smart phone. Mostly developer also like the android smart phone because the android is very common and free of cast available for developing and mostly the android are free of cast available for downloading. The Samsung is the top 1st company  in smart phone to successfully implement the android OS in phones.  Samsung have successfully launch different series for example Galaxy S series , Galaxy Grand , Galaxy Note. After Galaxy Note 4 successfully  cover the all market of android smart phone and receive the very great response feedback from customers. Samsung is ready to launched the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge. The  very Unique and features in Galaxy S6 edge.

Features List of Galaxy S6 edge

  1. The most important features is wireless charging.
  2. Very fast charging . if you charge the smart phone 10 min you can get 4 hours battery backup.
  3. 1st time dual edge display smart phone comes to market.
  4. Android version is Lollipop and 64 bit OS.
  5. Processor is octa core.
  6. Fantastic display 5.1 Quad HD (2560 * 1440).
  7. Smart Manager is new feature  storage, battery Status, Ram,  Security and more also used  to remove unnecessary data  to improve the performance.
  8. Great radiant  glass surface.
  9. Very advance fonts.
  10. High resolution Camera use to save important moments of life.
  11. Dazzling colors.
Galaxy S6 Edge

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